Most of us have been dreaming of becoming a CEO someday. You, sitting on a big office desk in your corner office with a spectacular view, with a steady stream of money coming into your company’s books. To turn this into a reality, you have to start somewhere, right? Why not start with these small business ideas that have a great potential of becoming big someday? 

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing comprises a lot of small business ideas to start. It is an umbrella term for the promotion of products and brands and connecting them with potential buyers using your strategy. You can start your own agency of content writing, SEO marketing, email marketing, and copywriting. 

Online Graphic Design

Graphic designers are responsible for communicating a brand’s message in the most impactful way to the audience. Brands and businesses utilize the power of graphics in every stage of their marketing funnel to persuade and engage customers, until they make a purchase. If you already have a portfolio of your own designs, you can market this well-prized skill to businessmen until you get a few clients and make a name for yourself. 


This business model requires you no inventory and without big commitment. This involves being a middleman between the supplier and the end consumer without keeping the products you are selling. You’ll just need to focus on strategic marketing – finding your niche and product suppliers, building your own website, finding your audience, etc. When someone buys a product from your page, the order is automatically forwarded to the supplier who prepares and ships the item on your behalf. Small business ideas with high profit potential don’t have to be too bothersome, you know. 


Have you noticed that some brands generate profit better than others even though they have technically the same products? The secret not only lies in the marketing strategies, but also in the way they add value to the existing product that no one seems to notice at first. They are prominently called value-added resellers wherein they customize or enhance basic products and sell it at a higher price. These small business ideas of the younger generation are giving them the maximum profit. 

Creating Digital Products

Sell digital courses, write your own ebooks, or create a new phone application/computer software! These small business ideas are perfect even while you are employed full-time in your day job. You might argue, “the content for my niche is offered for free anyway.” But hey, most people don’t really rely on free stuff they find on the internet. They would still rather buy for high quality content and service. Moreover, those free stuff you see are just marketing strategies to make them sign up for a subscription and eventually buy the main offer.

Final Thoughts

If you will notice, these 5 small business ideas are mainly online business models. Keep in mind that the pandemic has changed the shopping habits of the consumer. That means consumer transactions (the purchases, payment, marketing, exchange of information) are now done online. Take advantage of the efficiency of the digital platforms in formulating your business plan. 

These small business ideas are just an inspiration. Everything starts small and every successful entrepreneur starts with a simple idea in them. If you have something else in mind, better start building a plan out of it – research about the demand, formulate product/service strategies, and ask help from family and friends. This is your sign that you will definitely make it big someday! 

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