Affiliate marketing is something that most people associate as a scam but to me, it’s the best thing that ever happened to me.

Shawn Josiah here again for our weekly Journey to 8 figures training!

I generated $2.5 Million in a single calendar year just through affiliate marketing. But just like any other things you want to achieve in life, there are certain rules for you to follow to reach your destination. 

Here are the 7 rules to live by as an affiliate marketer:

Rule 1: Spend At Least 1 Hour A Day On Your Business

If you are expecting money to just fall down from the sky and you’d just play around with the system then you are definitely going to fail. Reason for this is because as we go along, we accumulate knowledge and once you cut it short, then everything will go south. 

Think of this: How much time do you need to schedule and send an email? Maybe like 5 or 15 minutes? So if I’m able to generate 5 figures for scheduling an email, then it’s a no-brainer for me to invest that amount of time per day on my business.

Rule 2: Check Your Numbers Religiously

In business, if you don’t check numbers, you will go out of business. These numbers will tell a story. This will be your determining factor on whether to shut your business or go on. This will tell you your next steps – should you cut costs or not? Should you get more money or not? Reoptimize your funnel or not?

Rule 3: Have The Guts To Mail 

When you are sending out emails, you are a superhero to someone if the product you are going to promote will help the recipient. They just feel they’d have too many unsubscribers, too many complaints. They fear that the list is gonna hate them. 

Once you have a potential product, just send it out. You might not know the value of the product. If you do not promote it based on your gut feel then you are doing someone a disfavor.

Rule 4: Never Stop Testing

Have you ever tested your own pages? I know some of you don’t because it’s a lot of work. But you’ll never gonna know if your pages are effective, you’ll never know if it is optimized, you’ll never know which products convert the best, you’ll never know the characteristics of your audience. With testing, you’ll get more optimized results – and eventually more money.

Rule 5: Never Be Afraid To Spend On Traffic

Traffic is the lifeblood of a business! Without traffic, you’ll never gonna make any money. The fastest way to grow a business, you have to spend. Look at big companies, they spend so much money on advertisements. Why is this so? They want a more targeted audience. 

Rule 6: Stay Laser Focus On One Course

Keyword here is ‘one’. There are thousands of courses and strategies out there. There are different ways to make money. But you need to focus on one thing and become a master of it. Stick to one and do not stray from it. Look at emails. Once it was started, it’s still working until now. Be laser focus on your niche. Don’t promote a random niche far from your focus.

Rule 7: Be Consistent & Patient

This must sound easy but this is the HARDEST to do. Why is this so? Because if we do not see a return on investment, we get disappointed and when we get disappointed, we give up and say it’s a scam. It’s just human nature. You need to be disciplined towards your goals. Consider every business as an actual business that needs time to grow – it takes a lot of consistency and grit. Just be consistent with emailing, your product research, your traffic and you’ll be able to progress in your business.

Who knows, these rules might be the only thing you need to generate your first million in affiliate marketing, too! To know more about how I apply these since I started my business, watch my video below:

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