A lot of online shoppers nowadays don’t only buy brand new stuff from good and established brands. They have also become fond of buying preloved items from different sellers in the marketplace, eBay, and other online shopping sites. If you are looking to earn extra for your summer plan, these are the best pre-loved things at home that you can sell online for a profit.


You might have clothes that you have already outgrown. Or, you might have that outfit you bought online but which fit you didn’t like. Take note of the stains and tears on the clothing. Be a reputable reseller by including in your item description of these minor damages and the reason why you are selling them.


Some books, especially autographed and first editions of out-of-print novels, can have a high resale value for collectors. You can categorize your books as vintage or rare items and see how many people are willing to buy them at your price. 


Necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, scarves, hair accessories are some of the best items you can sell online for a profit. Especially if these items have sentimental value attached to it, you will be surprised at how much collectors are willing to pay just to have them. 

Arts & Crafts

Handmade goods and paintings you’ve done yourself can also be a hit in the preloved market. Your art and craft deserve an audience. Your childhood would be so proud of you for sharing to the world your art skills.


Make sure that the pair of shoes you are planning to resell is still in good condition. People still love branded footwear with minor scratches. 

Video Games 

Modern video games are expensive. A lot of gamers are okay with second-hand video games to play. 


Women and fashionistas are fond of owning multiple bags that they can use and match for their OOTDs.


LEGO Investment is a thing now. Investors hoard LEGO collections that are retiring soon and resell them at a much higher price sometime in the future. You might have a LEGO box in mint condition somewhere in the attic that you can let go of. 


That Cleopatra-style sofa and that marble center table can look good in somebody else’s house. Used furniture like an old garden set, a study table, a dining set, or those giant home vases are a hit in the preloved department. Brand new furniture can get pretty expensive and a lot of homeowners are okay buying used ones. 

Final Thoughts

It’s like hitting two birds with one stone: decluttering your home and earning extra money without doing too much. If you are feeling somewhat guilty, remember that these stuff you sell online for a profit need a new home and a new owner who will give them a makeover they deserve, too. 

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