All of us want to own something luxurious – be it a car, a jewelry, an electronic gadget, a bag, or even a pair of sunglasses. I’m sure you already have a powerhouse brand in your mind. Luxurious goods are considered a status symbol. Usually, those who are in the middle to upper class can afford owning one or even more. 

Do I deserve luxurious goods? Perhaps, you have asked this to yourself a hundred of times while eyeing that black caviar bag in a display. Here’s a straight answer: Yes, you do. It’s only a matter of when and how you can convince yourself that you deserve to own something luxurious. 

Here are the things to remember to convince yourself:

Luxurious Goods Make You Happy

They say money can’t buy happiness. It may be true with regard to the family, friendships and genuine relationships that you’ve made. But let’s not keep our eyes closed on the reality that we have a bit of a materialistic side with us. If buying something luxurious can satisfy that aspect of you even for once, then you deserve it!

Let’s also not forget the fact that some high-end expensive and luxurious gadgets can make our lives easier. If it will make you happy because it makes your life more organized and efficient than ever, then grab it. 

If You Are Financially Responsible Enough, Then Go And Buy That Luxury

Take note of the price tag of the luxurious goods you want to buy? Do you have that liquid amount in your bank right now? How about your emergency fund? Will you still manage to live and sustain yourself when an emergency happens? Have you assessed your financial health lately?

Just because you have already saved enough to buy that trendy luxury bag, does not mean that you’d have to hurry your way to the store and make a purchase. You’re already an adult with bills to pay and responsibilities to assume. You cannot just run back to your parents when you go broke after prioritizing a luxury purchase. 

However, if you have saved enough for this treat while not compromising the other necessities, then you indeed deserve that luxury buy! 

Luxurious Goods Are Status Symbols

Do you want to elevate your social status among your peers or officemates? Do you think you have reached a point in your life where you want to focus on how people perceive you? Luxurious goods are indeed created for exclusivity. If this is something that you really want to be associated with, then go on.

Remember, Beautiful Things Are Worth The Wait

Luxurious goods are a result of dreaming big and working hard. If you think that your money is still not enough to sustain this dream and pay your bills, then it’s still best to delay this luxury purchase for a while. Delaying gratification usually results in something even better and more wonderful. 

Here’s one last tip: If you think you have waited and worked hard enough to save up and reward yourself something as big as this, then go on and make a purchase. And if you think that this is a mistake after all that hype of owning luxurious goods, you can still sell it to consignment shops or just post it online to buy-and-sell sites. (Or consider it as an investment and sell when the price appreciates after sometime for a little profit).

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