It’s the new iPhone season again! Are you looking for surefire ways to buy an iPhone? Well, you are in the right place! 

Many of us love Apple. With its cutting edge technology and seamless interface, everyone saves up big time to be able to afford one. If you are one of those who have waited patiently for the new iPhone series yet are still a little short of money, we have compiled here the best ways to buy an iPhone without breaking the bank or putting you in a major debt. 

The new iPhone 14 base model is priced at $799, while iPhone 14 Pro price starts at $899. Deluxe version (iPhone 14 Pro Max) costs $1,099. 

Here are the ways to afford one: 

Avoid Buying It Through Your Mobile Network

One of the best ways to buy an iPhone is not through a contract with your mobile network. In fact, it is much more expensive than when you buy it upfront in an authorized store/dealer. You will be bound for a minimum of 24 months to pay if you’d be opting for an iPhone through network upgrade (sometimes even longer). Besides, there are hidden charges that you might accumulate if you do so.

Use Your Credit Card’s 0% Installment Plan

Using your savings, even if it’s not earmarked for any purposes as of now, is not probably the best idea to buy an iPhone. You’ll never know when you will need the money again, especially these days when inflation rates are rising in every country. Rather, utilize the 0% installment rate offer of your credit card. Spread the payment in a period of time so it won’t hurt your pocket that much. This is one of the best ways to buy an iPhone, considering that some credit card companies offer perks for every, say, hundred dollar purchase. If you are yet to apply for one, make sure that your credit score is good so you’ll get accepted right away. 

Buy The New iPhone Abroad

If you’re not in the US, chances are you’re going to pay a much higher price for the new iPhone 14 series. Cross-border taxes and duties can add up, not to mention that your local dealer might be a little late in procuring the new iPhone 14 for their stores. To save costs, buy it directly from the online Apple Store or other online authorized dealers, then have it shipped through a freight forwarder (who will take care of the shipment and taxes at a much cheaper price) or ask a traveling friend to buy it for you.

Sell Or Trade-In Your Old Phone 

That old iPhone model you have can still be sold in eBay. The average resale value of an iPhone 13 Pro is around US$508. Buyers can also save up to US$800 after trade-in from the official Apple Store, according to their website.

Get An Online Sideline

One of the best ways to buy an iPhone is to make money online through 100% legitimate and working means! You can buy an iPhone 14 now on installment from your savings for the first payment, then the succeeding payment will be sourced from whatever it is that you will earn from your online work. Here are the best online part-time jobs that will not take much of your time and will pay you right away:

Final Thoughts

These are the best ways to buy an iPhone without going completely broke thereafter. An iPhone is a big purchase so you have to be financially educated and disciplined when it comes to buying the new iPhone 14. This will be an early Christmas gift for yourself but keep in mind that you also have bills to pay. Manage your finances responsibly and make sure that your emergency fund is still intact even after buying one.

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