Hey guys! Shawn Josiah here again for our weekly training video! 

If you are new to email marketing, let me share with you what an email list is first.

An Email List is a list of people (subscribers) who have signed up to receive something from you. When these people sign up, it means that they have given you permission to speak directly to them through email. There lies the power of email – they have given you undivided attention for a few minutes. 

How To Build An Email List

Let’s illustrate how the general process works in an affiliate program system.

Stage 1: Get Traffic. In this case, it’s ‘eyeballs’. By getting eyeballs, you are getting these people to look at your landing page. You can use some free traffic source by asking your friends and family to share it on social media or you can buy solo ads for your landing page.

Stage 2: Set Up A Landing Page. This landing page is done for you in your money pages. You pick one of them out of seven and you run traffic to the page.

The exchange is going to be the free video at the backend of this landing page. Whether they make a purchase or not is not important, but what is important is that you capture them as leads.

Stage 3: Set Up Autoresponder Account 

Next is they get brought into the GetResponse account which is the autoresponder account and this is where your 31 days autoresponder series kicks in (so we have the automated emails that’s programmed at the back of your GetResponse account). You don’t have to do the selling as it is already done for you and it’s tagged to your affiliate link. 

Now that your subscriber has given you permission to send them emails, continue to email them every single day.

Is every single day’s worth of emails too much?

No. Every single day that you send out one email is, in fact, too little because you’re competing with so many other people who have got them subscribed to their list. 

If you are not sending them emails then you are not doing yourself a favor and you’re not doing them a favor because who knows, the product that you’re selling might change their life, right?

So this is the list-building process from the start all the way to the end.

All these can be done REAL QUICK in Perpetual Income 365 for a really really LOW price

Let me show where everything comes into place.

Perpetual Income 365 dashboard is on the left and the funnel flow is on the right. 

For the funnel flow, it always starts with the traffic down to the landing page to Clickbank.

Now for Perpetual Income (refer to the left), we are building the funnel in the opposite manner. Therefore, the first step of Perpetual Income 365 is to integrate your GetResponse account and Clickbank account. Second step is to have your money page which is your landing page creator so once you have integrated step 1 you move to step 2 which is to create your money page. At this point, all of your affiliate links  that are given on the first step has been tagged to the backend of your landing page and this is also the place where the 31 day automated emails have been created for you. 

The third step is to create traffic to drive people into your landing page and in return, convert them into subscribers. 

Last step is the Email ATM which is to send out emails. 

Perpetual Income is built to integrate everything in GetResponse and Clickbank

Number two is create your money pages which are your landing pages and get some automated emails at the back of your funnels so you don’t have to build anything. Number 3 is to run traffic so you build your list automatically.

With Perpetual Income 365…

…There’s no need for you to do any coding 
…There’s no need for any hosting
…There’s no need for any domains 

This is the process I use to build a hundred thousand dollars per month.


  1. Your email list will set you free from your job; and
  2. This process is basically all you need to build $100k/month

It’s that simple. 

Let’s not complicate things and just follow this process.

The next step is about more advanced strategies on how to email subscribers to make more income. But the first phase is to get this settled – to get traffic into your funnel and convert your traffic. 

Stay tuned for our next weekly training videos on how to make more income from this simple process at a really really low cost to you!

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