Hey guys! Shawn Josiah here again for our weekly training video. 

We must not forget that the other element to be successful in this business is writing your email that converts. There’s no point in getting traffic if you can’t write emails that convert.

What Is Copywriting?

Copywriting simply means writing something that sells. “Sells” does not mean just simply making commissions. It means getting the results that you want. The results that you should target may be the following:

  • a click on the link 
  • getting them to fill up a form
  • getting them to buy a product 

Copywriting does not require any fancy vocabulary. Only the simplest understandable form of English will already do. 

The main goal of copywriting is this: It has to trigger their interest in the shortest possible time with the fewest words possible.

Aim of every email is to get you to click on the link, not necessarily to sell the product. You are here to get people to click on the link.

The more sales you get, the more eyeballs you get, the more sales you’re gonna make. 

No need to put the entire product description into your copies. 

Here’s an example: 

Can you spot what’s wrong with the email on the left (email #1) ? If you can, type in the comments below what you think is wrong with it. 

Now type me in the comments what you think is right in email #2. 

Let’s look at the difference between the two. 

Subject on email #1 (subject: Hey gimme money) is all about the person sitting behind the computer sending emails. 

Body on email #1: This guy is going into detail about what he’s offering. It’s too formal that it could have been a report, instead of email. 

Nothing in email #1 is enticing. 

Email #1 is busy telling someone to give them something. People do not want to be sold. People want to buy willingly. 

Let’s go to Email #2. 

Email #2 intro is about benefit. 

‘ I found 3 vendors close by ’

That’s doing homework for someone else. You’re helping someone to save time and that’s extra value! 

 Email me back if you want some more vendor recommendations. ’

By putting something like this, that’s basically getting permission from your subscriber to go wherever you want them to go to. If you get that permission, the chances of you making a sale is higher. 

Takeaway: You have to focus on the benefits of the end consumer.

The Importance Of Copywriting

Selling is the essence and core of everything in the world. You can be selling a product, yourself (interviewing for a job), or an idea (in a startup company). 

What is it that makes someone be persuaded to do something for you? It’s words, hence, the importance of copywriting.

An average human attention span is 8 second so if you can’t catch someone’s attention with words for 8 seconds you basically lose the person’s attention.

Copywriting in Emails is about the pre-selling and not the actual sales itself. It’s about getting people excited to know the end result after they have checked out your product.

People love to buy products but they want to buy willingly. It has to be someone’s own will to click on that link and it’s your job to make it happen by creating an interest on that email. Then get them to click

Remember the formula: Excite. Outcome. Click. 

As simple as this. 

Thank you everyone for joining us in this weekly training video. I’ll see you again next week!

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