Are you someone looking for some business venture with minimal capital? I’ve got another one for you here: low-cost collectibles that are scientifically projected to make you huge profits in the future!

For collectors, the items they collect are a treasure they would never let go in this lifetime. They even pay a fortune to get rare items from people who have acquired them yet are only interested in making profits out of it. For collectors, these items are of value that they are willing to spend thousands if not millions of dollars on! 

But for business-minded people, these items are investments, especially low-cost collectibles. I know some of you are tempted to buy some rare collections they find trending on the internet, just because they are trending and lots of people are getting excited for it. I know most of you get carried away with the hype, especially low-cost ones. Luckily for you, these low-cost collectibles can make a great fortune in the future.

First Edition Books

This doesn’t mean you have to look for vintage books. Just the first editions or the original releases of a book will do. For example, the first original edition of Harry Potter books can soar up to 5 figures for book collectors. Books are low-cost collectibles, especially that of a renowned author. 

Star Wars Merchandise 

Figurines and other original Star Wars merchandise are highly likely to go up in value. It also depends on the rarity of the stuff. If it is a limited edition figurine, expect the price to go sky high in the future. Star Wars is a franchise that most adults now grew up watching. If you stumble upon a Star Wars collectible that you can probably afford now, you might want to think of it as an investment. 

Lego Toys

We all grew up wanting a box of LEGO every Christmas as a gift. Did you know that investing in LEGO has been considered as a more lucrative investment than gold? Secondhand LEGO toys soar up in value the longer you keep it, an estimate of 11% every year, in fact. That’s because the LEGO Company retires certain sets that they won’t produce anymore. For instance, LEGO’s Millenium Falcon set was sold in an auction for $15,000 dollars from its original price of $450 per set. These brick toys are definitely low-cost collectibles that can make you a fortune! 

Comic Books

You might chance upon a thrifty vintage comic book in a garage sale that is now valued at 5 figures! Old comic books, ones that were released at least 30 years ago, are now a treasure to collectors who would pay your price just to get the item. Marvel Comics #1, issued in 1939, has been one of the rarest, now most expensive comic books in the world. It is now valued at $1.2 Million. 

Old Coins

Old coins are valuable. You might find one in your old drawer, from a garage sale, or from your grandparents’/parents’ stuff. This 1794 Silver Dollar was sold at an auction for around $10million back in 2013. The older the coin is, the higher its value now will be. 

Classic Pinball Machine

You might want to buy a cheap classic pinball machine you see online. Chances are they will rise in value in the future! A newer and recent pinball game is worth $3,000 today. Imagine how much a collector would pay just to have the vintage version of this game! 

Final Thoughts

There are other low-cost collectibles that you might find on eBay right now. Those old Bratz collectibles, the first edition/release of original board games, those Japanese manga books, and even childhood toys which are not anymore in circulation are a good start to begin your collectibles investment. Do your research of who particularly would be your future buyer and how much a particular item will be valued years from now. 

Happy collecting! 

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