Hi guys! Shawn Josiah here again! 

Here’s a quote that led me to develop this millionaire mindset which turned me into a successful 7-figure marketer

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right -Henry Ford 

Remember this: In whatever thing you do, everything boils down to this one thing and it is called the mindset. So, if you think you can achieve something then you are correct. If you think you cannot achieve something, then you are right as well. 

In this short video I made, I discussed the five surefire ways to build a millionaire mindset to accomplish any goal in your business. These are the same habits I’ve developed over time which made me into who I am today. 

Let’s begin.

#1 Practice Positive Affirmations

This basically means reciting something so many times that it becomes a subconscious thought. That’s because anything repetitive becomes a subconscious thought in such a way that it already influences behavior and action. 

Personally, what I did was to say these positive affirmations out loud. When I say something using my voice and hear it, I eventually believe it naturally. I realized that saying something out loud will register information based on senses. Ever since I started that, I now believe in everything I say. 

As a believer of Christ, my positive affirmation ever since I was 16 years old was 

“I am God’s beloved so therefore I will be a successful person.”

When you recite these positive affirmations every single day, you create a behavior of positive energy that one day, you just believe that you are going to be successful one day. And a consequence of such, you naturally thrive and do things that will shape your path towards success.

As one of the simple habits I’m leaving you, write one or two positive affirmations on a piece of paper and paste it somewhere where you’re gonna see it daily. Recite it out because that’s where the power comes in.

This is the start of creating that subconscious thought.

#2 Remove poverty behaviors & mindset – Develop an abundance mindset

Everything starts from our mind and thoughts. If you do not remove this poverty mindset, nothing’s going to change. Everything you will be tarnished with self-doubt. Self-doubt is never in the formula of success. 

What is this poverty behavior? Take this as an example: you walked into a store, saw something you like then checked the price tag and saw it was expensive. Next thing you did was say that it was expensive and walked away. These simple habits are actually not doing you any good.

Remember this: we should be actively conscious of what to think. Instead of thinking that it was too expensive, ask yourself what you can do to get that item. I had this behavior back then. It’s always been a dream to drive this certain car but it was way too expensive. Along the way people taught me to develop an abundance mindset. The more I repeat saying that “I can afford it”, the more it gets into my subconsciousness and the more I manifest it. 

So, if you’re into affiliate marketing business, don’t think that the market is too saturated. Think that if there are still people profiting, then you can give it a shot and be one of them.

Do not give yourself an excuse to fail.  Here’s the thing: So many people say “I don’t have enough money” 

But not having enough money is not the same as saying “I’m going to fail”

It’s all about resourcefulness. 

Here’s an example. People use money in exchange for time. People use money to buy ads because they want to save time. But if you do not have money then you’re gonna sacrifice time. 

Again, it’s all about resourcefulness. You have to make use of what’s available around you instead of making an excuse. Success comes to those who try and sacrifice and not to those who entrust everything to good luck and wait for a miracle to happen without doing any work.

#3 Tune Your mind to see problems as opportunities 

This is crucial to success. Every person can complain about something every single day. But it’s time that you become different from them. If you eliminate complaining and start seeing why these people are complaining, then you will see these complaints are opportunities to make money.

Here’s a simple activity: For every complaint you have at anything, think of 3 solutions to solve it. 

Once you’re used into doing this, every time you hear someone complain it will now become a subconscious thought for you to naturally solve it.

In my case, this simple habit helped me become an effective thinker because solutions are now coming to my mind naturally. Perpetual Income 365 is built upon complaints. Users get stuck with integration and encounter problems with copywriting, creation of landing pages, integration of the autoresponder, etc. etc. These are huge problems but if I can see these as an opportunity to solve it, in order to make money from the said complaints.

#4 Have The Tenacity To GO For Your Desires

This video is a challenge for you to dream bigger. Don’t be stuck on your current desire to create an affiliate marketing business. Instead, I’m challenging you to go for $10,000/month, then $100,000/month, and so on. 

Whatever the outcome is, it depends on how much courage you have to go for your bigger desires. In my case, I take action quickly. As long as the goal makes sense, just go for it. That’s how I started this business 6 years ago. I took about thousands of dollars and invested everything into ads. As long as the cause of all these makes sense, as long as this stays an asset to me, I just keep on going. 

As long as it makes sense, give it a shot.

#5 See Failures As Nothing But Feedback

You know, the surefire way to fail is to give up. If you don’t see your failures as feedback to improve some aspect of life, then you are bound to fail at everything. 

Don’t give up whenever you fail. Instead, see it as a feedback. These are invaluable lessons that will make you successful the next time around. And the more feedback you get, the more likely you are going to succeed 

This is the same thing I do on every failure I encounter: Every time I get solo ads, I always get feedback. If I don’t get a sale from solo ads I don’t say “This is a failure so I’ll just give up” Rather, I take it as a feedback and assess the situation. A lot of things could have happened which could be : 

1- the seller’s list is not of good quality

2- my own landing page is not converting

3 – might be the product that’s not converting

4 – quality of list

5 – the tier of the list 

Do the same thing when you start losing money and see yourself getting poorer. Instead of giving up, ask yourself these: 

1- Why did that happen? Is it a problem with me? With the data? With the system? 

2 -What can I do to get better results?

If you do not ask yourself these questions and say this does not work then good luck, it’s the end of it. You have officially failed. 

I hope these will help you develop that millionaire mindset that you can see a massive increase in not only on personal dev but also on your wealth and the way you treat other people. 

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