Josh: Today, we have Shawn Josiah, a multi-millionaire at just 29 years old and the founder of a Perpetual Income 365, a beginner level email marketing program that aims to turn ordinary people into 10k per month online entrepreneurs. He’s also the founder of Email Profit Academy and advanced email marketing training academy with 100% success rate that has seen some individuals turn into seven figure internet affiliates by simply sending simple emails.

 It is also his grand mission to help 10,000 ordinary people break out from the rat race and live their best life yet.

So today we will actually be looking at Shawn’s mindset and decision making – how he sees potential in things how he finds courage to venture into the unknown and unfamiliar so that Shawn, who calls himself an ordinary neighborhood boy, can earn the right to have all that he has today so welcome, Shawn to this podcast.

Shawn: Thanks for the kind introduction, Josh, so I’m just an ordinary guy I came from a hdb background if you guys don’t know that it’s a government housing in Singapore. I came from that kind of background. My parents were not millionaires. They’re very ordinary people so that’s just a quick introduction about myself. Thanks for the intro, Josh, great to be here.

Josh: All right can you share something that few people know about you something that a few people know.

Shawn: I think not many people know that I made my first million while having a day job. Not many people know that I used to be in the military. While I was there I was actually hustling non-stop. I actually built my business in university so not many people know the the the kind of struggles that I faced when I started building my business especially in university. 

The motivation behind me wanting to build up something on the side was actually for my wife. Back then she’s my girlfriend so she was actually working for her dad and she hated it. She was in the job for about three years and she told me that she wanted to do her own thing but she can’t. Because she’s held bounded by her dad and because salary was important for her so she can’t just leave. I told her you to give me about one to two years, let me create something, let me find something so that I could replace your income. 

So that was the whole motivation behind it, I wanted to retire her so that she can do whatever she wants which is what I’ve done so in about two years from when I began this journey back in 2015. Then in two years time I actually managed to retire her and she’s now doing whatever she wants. She’s now a full-time makeup artist, you know instead of a desk-bound person. So that was the main motivation for me to start this whole journey.

Shawn: I believe that opportunities are everywhere and you need to open your eyes to them. The problem is that we don’t know what we don’t know. So you gotta be curious enough to find out what are the possibilities out there. Be daring to try and also opportunities are out there. You need to go out and find them. They are not going to come to you if you are going to stay in your same circle or friends or if you are just going to stay comfortable where you are.

Question: What is affiliate marketing?

Shawn: It’s very simple. Basically an affiliate is a middleman. An affiliate doesn’t require any products. All they do is to connect the buyer with the vendor and that’s all. For me I do mainly digital products so everything is digital. So it’s information products they can be mp3s they can be video trainings, they can be software and all that. So i’m the middleman to provide solutions for for customers who are looking for these products and then I’ll go and source for these products and sell it to them 

As an affiliate marketer in the digital space my commissions are anywhere from 75% all the way to 90% of the entire sale. It’s really high because there’s no overhead cost, there’s no office rent, there’s no staffs involved and all that.

All these vendors are willing to pay that high for you to bring the sale to them. 

All I do is to build up my email list – list of people who are interested in what i’m going to sell. I build up that email list that email database and keep selling them related products, I keep adding value to them on related products and then eventually they’re going to pick it up and eventually I’m going to make that sale.

Josh: Did this start out as a passion like because many of our listeners would probably be thinking you know “I also want to start something but i don’t know where to begin” How do you know that email was for you and how do you know that the other things you tried out and went down the drain were not for you?

Shawn: I think one big thing that i look out for when I try and adventure the businesses is scalability. Scalability doesn’t doesn’t mean that you know the more time you put in the bigger it grows.  That’s not my definition. My definition of it is that the more time you build in, the more time you put in, obviously it’s going to grow bigger. But to a certain point in time I don’t want to put in more time for the business to grow, I want it to grow without me putting in more time and effort you know – so that’s one of the key things that I was looking out for.

 So in email marketing when I first chanced upon it, I realized that this business model is a bit different because the bigger your list size is or the bigger your email database is, the more money you’re gonna make. Because it’s a probability game. So if you were to throw like this product to your entire list, if you’ve got more people obviously you’re gonna make more sales right? the chance of getting a sale is higher. 

Question: How has the pandemic affected / improved your business?

Shaw: Very good question a lot of people think that because of pandemic everything is going to go downhill. But there are industries in the pandemic that goes uphill right. For example, Zoom like the one that we’re using. Technology companies are going up because we are all working from home. 

My business actually improved about 30% because of the pandemic and the reason is because everyone is staying home to buy stuff. Everyone is not going to work so all the attention span is now shifted to the online world and, as an affiliate, I’m very happy that everyone is working from home.  Because now they have more attention on their phones, they have more more attention on things that they can’t do at work. 

When I started selling products to them I get higher open rates on my email,  I get higher attention span and also I get more sales. 

Josh: What were some challenges that you met in the early stages of your business and how do you overcome that?

Shawn: There are a lot of challenges to be honest. One of my biggest challenges back then was in my business was I put all my eggs in one basket so i think that was uh that was that is the biggest lesson that i’ve learned. 

Just to put things in the context: Back then when i was promoting products for my for my customers, I sourced them all from one single website. So all the vendors were hosting that niche of products on one website so I was an affiliate and I was a top affiliate for them. I only go to this place to get my products. What happened was there was a niche-wide perch because of some fraudulent products in there. So the company who hosts all these products decide to remove all of these products from the shelf and removed that niche entirely right and only kept all the quality products there which are like left with three products so i don’t really have much of a choice and with that my income fell all the way down from 100% all the way down to about 20% literally overnight. And back then i was actually complaining. I was complaining to myself, I was complaining to my to my my girlfriend, Iwas complaining to my mentor (yes you guys must have a mentor please. A mentor is super important because they have been there. They have done that and they can guide you through) 

The first time I complained to my mentor, he said “you know what? I can promise you something. It will happen again” Crazy right? Then he says please go and deal with it. So initially I was like “Okay let me find ways to deal with it.”  But I just can’t get over the complaining stage, I just want to complain more because it feels good.  

I went back to my mentor to complain again and this time around, he was strict and firm. He told me “it’s either you continue complaining or you quit complaining pick yourself back up and be resourceful and find out what you can do from here”

It was a rude awakening. What I did is legitly I went on youtube and I went to find out what are different affiliate platforms that I can venture into so I was so close-minded on one platform because that’s where my income comes from. Then I found out that there are tons of other platforms that have similar products of my niche. I just wasn’t looking enough. 

So back then that was the challenge and the best part about my business is that my email list belongs to me so I can pivot it to anywhere I want. I don’t have to send out emails to a specific product from a specific place. I can move into different platforms um and I can just promote my own message.

Josh: How do you choose a mentor because you know there are so many people that make it very easy. How do you qualify a mentor? 

Shawn: Number one is that the mentor be doing it on a wide scale. Is he holding a mentorship to make money because he doesn’t have enough? Or is he doing a mentorship because he has made so much that he doesn’t find his business fulfilling anymore and you want to coach others?

I think when you have had that interview with that person you more or less would kind of know what kind of person he is. Is he pushy? is he salesy? Does he really need you? 

When I have conversations with my mentors, it’s very different from when i have a conversation with a sales guy.

They qualify me, not I qualify them. So i will have to submit my application and they will qualify my business, they’ll qualify if um if it’s congruent to their mastermind or to their community. Can I add value to them? And can they add value to me? So they will go through this strict qualification and a filtering stage before they even take me in. So that’s when i know that they don’t need my money, they are here to qualify their own businesses and also to better improve their own community.  That’s how I deem that this mentor is good. 

If the mentor is all pushy about joining my mastermind or “join join you’re going to get this amount of money” then don’t join.  If the mentor is really great, the mentor will have a private mastermind and it’s probably gonna cost you a lot of money like maybe five figures but that’s fine and you have to reach out to apply. Usually the masterminds are full. We try to apply and ask if you can join.

Josh: Our listeners want to find out more about Shawn Josiah and this Email Profit Academy. How do they know about you?

Shawn:  You can go to That’s my personal website. In there you can find all the different courses that I have. 

There’s entry-level courses that I’ve made and it’s super affordable for everyone. It’s called Perpetual Income 365. If you want to get started with it, it’s just gonna cost you $9 to try for 14 days and then $47 per month to maintain the software. That’s all. We have people who are 67 years old, retired and making 10k a month with this software. Legit! And this guy just got started with us. We also have people 70+ years old making their first $500 within days with the software itself so you can get started with that on my website. 

If you want more advanced training it’s going to be Email Profit Academy. Give it a try guys uh if it’s if it’s suitable for you, good for you! You have found something that works well. If it doesn’t suit you then it’s fine. We can part as friends no hard feelings at all yeah. I’m looking forward to add any value that I can to you, guys, with whatever program that you join with me 

Josh: Well thanks, Shawn, for getting me on board this podcast with me. You are the first person that’s on my mind when I started this. 

Shawn: My honor, thanks for having me. I appreciate it! 

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