The video above contains the exact formula and examples I’ve been using as a guide to write top email subjects that convert without a fail! 

There’s no point getting traffic if you can’t write an email that converts. The other element of success in this business is writing our emails that convert.

For today’s weekly topic, let’s talk about the subject line. 

It doesn’t matter how good your content is if your subject line is poor. 

No one is going to open the email. There’s no use spending an hour writing an email if your subject line doesn’t trigger your curiosity. 

Subject line has something to do with :

  • the level of importance (work-related, urgent and serious with work)
  • Intriguing
  • Sparks interest
  • Involvement (something that’s exclusive to them) 

As much as possible keep it below 50 characters. Keep it short and sweet. 

The Subject Line: 9 Formulas

There’s a science behind subject lines. Let me introduce to you the first four formulas I’ve been using in this 7-figure marketing business. 

#1 The How-To Formula

This focuses on the benefit or value  for subject lines. You can do this through the following formula: 

  • {Attention-grabber} : how to {avoid pain or gain pleasure}
  • How {average joe} {does amazing thing}
  • How to {do amazing thing} without {unpleasant thing} 

Example: How To Make Daily Commissions Without The Hard Work?

It’s a very simple formula that will generate a lot of clicks.

#2 The Data Formula

People like sophisticated information. The human mind is wired to look at numbers and to look at funny figures (%, $, !). Because it looks like it contains wisdom in these figures. 

Example: Why 19% of Harvard graduates can’t find work?

The thing is, the 19% is so specific. Wouldn’t you be interested to find out why it is 19%? Wouldn’t you be keen to know how this guy got the 19%? 

#3 The Inquiry Formula

This utilizes the power of questions. When you ask a question it usually triggers curiosity. The 5 Ws and 1 H come into play (Who, What, When, Where, Why, How)

Example: What Were You Thinking? / Where Have All The Good People Gone? 

This is an open question and to know the answer to such you have to make an action for you to figure out where this question is leading you to. So if you chanced upon this kind of subject line you would want to click on the link to know what the answer is. You need to read into what the contents are to satisfy your curiosity.  

This formula is a very powerful one and I recommend that you mix and match your subject lines every day and try different things and see what kind of subject lines work well for you

#4 The Open Loop

It’s a concept that creates enough curiosity so that your readers would want to open it up and close the loop.

This is how it works: We don’t give out all the information. Give out just enough for someone to be curious enough to pursue you. If the readers won’t click it then they will never satisfy such curiosity that you’ve formed. 

Example: I’ve got a surprise for you, {Name} 

If the readers won’t open the email, then they won’t know what this surprise is. 

If you ask me which of these I’m using, well, I’ve been using so many different types of subject lines but they all fall into these nine categories.

There’s no hard and fast rule to whichever subject line works the best. 

Stay tuned for the next part of this topic! We’ll discuss the other types of subject line formulas that will surely lead you to your 7-figure marketing success! 

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