We all have certain hobbies that we love doing during our free time to relax or just make the most of our me-time. We have these hobbies for recreation but did you know that there are simple hobbies that can make you real money as well? 

Our hobbies are not typically for money but they can even be more fulfilling if they can be a source of passive income to cover some of your bills. We all have our very own unique talents that can bring you a lot more satisfaction…and income, of course! 

I’m pretty sure you are doing one of these already:

Flower Arrangement

Dried flowers have become one of the most popular gifts these days. People love sending their loved ones unique gifts and dried flowers of different colors and arrangements have become a favorite! These dried flowers in a vase are not just a gift, but they can also be a simple house decoration for those who want a space makeover.

Still having second thoughts about turning this hobby into a business? Floral designers are reportedly making between $42,700 and $63,600 on the average. That’s an hourly earnings of $21-$31/hour!


Electronic sports are taking the internet by storm. Gaming has become a fast-growing industry that certain colleges and universities are starting to create college courses for a career in this. Successful game developers are making millions just by people playing their games and getting advertisements offers from big brands. If you are one of those who love playing mobile games, you can make real money by being a beta tester, making video tutorials, or even developing your own mobile game. 

Cooking / Baking

For bakers and chefs-at-heart, making something in the kitchen is both an art and a bonding of-sort (with your family or just with your inner chef/baker being). It really is fulfilling to tweak a recipe and make something looking sumptuous for your tummy and something perfect for your Instagram and Facebook feed. 

You can make real money from this hobby not only by selling your pastries and courses but by also creating your own website, a Youtube channel or an Instagram page featuring your works. Who knows, some big brand might notice and sponsor you for your talent!


Since more people are still staying at home even after the onset of the pandemic, gardening has been one of the most lucrative hobbies that can make real money. People who have a skill in taking care and growing plants, most especially those that are rare, can already make a living out of this. You can sell plants or artsy gardening tools for your fellow plant-lovers! 


There are a lot of people out there who love taking photos and editing them to perfectly portray a picturesque mood. Your love for photography can make real money once you establish your own portfolio and show it to the world! I personally know some friends who have made a photography business shooting prenuptial, wedding, and birthday photoshoots. People will pay a huge sum to have these memories immortalized in photos, you know. 

Other Top Hobbies

The following hobbies can also make a great passive income source: 

  1. Writing
  2. Drawing 
  3. Calligraphy 
  4. Website Creation / Blogging 
  5. Knitting / Sewing
  6. Doing makeup
  7. Online courses creation
  8. Writing Book Reviews
  9. Video Editing 
  10. Jewelry designing

A Few Tips To Make Real Money From Your Hobby

Don’t fret if you don’t see your favorite pastime from this short list. Whatever your hobbies are, as long as you have passion in doing it and the determination to make it productive, you can succeed in making it a passive income source. 

Here are some pieces of advice to make real money from your hobbies:

  1. Research about its demand and profitability.
  2. Determine who your right audience is.
  3. Know where you can get your supplies.
  4. Learn about the right marketing and product pricing.
  5. Get a unique business name.
  6. Make a feasible plan. 

Remember, you need to have a feasible and a well-researched plan to make real money from your hobbies. Have fun in the process. Afterall, this is supposed to be fun because it is something that you already love doing!

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